FAQ & Help

How do I cancel a recurring donation?

Credit Card Donations (non-PayPal)
If you used the Credit Card option on the donation form, use the link at the bottom of your email or PDF receipt. This will take you to a page that will ask you to enter the email address you used to make your donation. After you have submitted your email, check for a new email which will provide a link to confirm your email. You will then be able to view the recurring donation management page, where you can cancel any pending donations.

You can also use this link if you don’t have your email or PDF receipt handy: https://www.promisepublicschools.org/recurring-donations/

PayPal Donations
Please visit your PayPal profile settings screen and navigate to the My Pre-Approved Payments screen by going to My Money > Automatic Payments Section > Set Automatic Payments. You will then be able to manage all pre-approved payments in your PayPal account, including this one. Look for an entry called “Promise Public Schools”.

Who should I contact with a problem?

Please contact us at info@promisepublicschools.org or 408.891.8876.