In Partnership with The Tech

Small Free Public School in Downtown San Jose
TK-8th Grade 


Opening with TK-2nd + 5th & 6th Grade


Upcoming Events: (Food Provided) 

Location: Westminster Education Building- 1100 Shasta Ave. San Jose, CA 95126

May 18th Orientation @ 4:00pm (required for all parents)

May 28th New Parent Info. Meeting

June 4th Parent Leader Meeting @ 6pm

June 25th New Parent Info. Meeting

July 2nd Parent Leader Meeting @ 6pm

August 5th-9th Free Summer Camp

August 7th Ribbon Cutting Ceremony/Family Orientation

August 12th First Day of School!

Hear why parents support Promise Academy’s mission.

About Promise Academy

Promise Academy exists to create personalized, world-class educational experiences that prepare all students to reach their potential and to change the world. We must ensure that college acceptance, support, and persistence becomes a reality for all!

Currently too many students in downtown San Jose are not being prepared for college and beyond. In fact, only 45% of students that graduate are eligible for colleges and universities. For Latino and African American students the percentages are worse with only approx. 30% of students graduating eligible for college [based on 2015 CDE data].